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Orkadia 1994

“The fever is spreading, many have already died and more are showing signs of it. Our medicans are researching a cure but so far we are unable to eradicate it. We have separated the infected from the village and are doing everything to find the source of the outbreak. We require aid and approval to replenish. As you see I have submitted the number required, I know it's more than usual and I understand it will take time but I am prepared to send my entire guard.” King Zylon Night informed the council members.
“Of course we will render aid my friend.” King Alexion Light said. “But we cannot and will not approve of replenishment at this time. You must see that it is futile to do so, with the outbreak so rife and the cause unknown. ”
“Thank you for your aid Alexion, I’m sure it will speed things up however my people cannot survive past this year if we do not replenish. I have already set up another village far from the fever to keep the intakes safe and will ensure their safety with my own life.”
“We have not sanctioned this many intakes since we moved here, that's 11000 years, Zylon. Our survival depends on secrecy and stealth.” Alexion paced the floor, before stopping to stare out over the Light kingdom. “There are already people studying the Bermuda triangle, so that is no longer an option. How do you expect to hide that many missing? There is no great war at the moment and the cities investigate the missing these days. It is not as easy as it once was to acquire the numbers you are seeking.” Returning to the table, he put his hand on his friends shoulder. “I understand your need but we cannot risk exposure. The medicans will find a cure and once they have, I will be the first in line to jump with you.”
“Alexion, please! You cannot do this; you know I would not ask this of the council if I was not already looking at a devastating future for my kingdom. We are desperate and desperate people will do desperate things. The medicans alone will not help, we don't have enough blood to survive and I fear for the people we do have. Killing has long been outlawed and for good reason, but it won’t be long before it starts happening through desperation or anger. I do not want this to send us back to the days of outlaws and thievery. Unauthorised jumps have already come to my notice, people are scared, and I must come back with some good news to keep them positive.”
“Yes, yes you must. I will send my chief guards to acquire physicians, our medicans may not be enough as it is a human sickness but that is all I can do my friend,” Alexion proclaimed.
“Enough!” Drake rose from the table. “Your begging sickens me cousin, Alexion has been gracious enough to offer this help. You must accept it and if you do not survive then it was fated to be so. It is not the whole kingdoms problem that you have infected blood and I propose that you should be kept under quarantine, your entire kingdom should be kept quarantined until we know how this is spread and that it will not affect us all.”
“Quarantined... Are you mad? It is hard enough to keep order without that. We know this is not something we can succumb to, what are you worried about Drake? That my people will pilfer you blood? I can assure you that none have thus far and it will remain so.”
“But you cannot guarantee it or you would not be so worried yourself about killing and jumping. Or is that just a ploy to get the largest blood supply in the land?”
“Enough! This meeting is adjourned. Zylon, call your guard, we will send them now to retrieve the physicians you need. Drake, it’s time for you to leave, your kingdom has little to do with this, and you were only invited out of courtesy.”
Mayleen almost collapsed on Queen Shea Night, Princess Rowan was not in her room, and at 2 years old, she was not known to wonder at this hour of night.

Shea burst into the council meeting without thought and threw herself in her husband’s arms. Unable to speak she couldn’t tell him what had happened, her whole body shook with fear. Mayleen entered after her and informed the king of his missing daughter. The entire castle was looking for her but if her mother couldn’t locate her then she was gone.
Still holding his wife in his arms Alexion turned to face Zylon “Have you done this? Did you think to hold my daughter ransom so that I would sanction your intake? Have you lost your mind?”
“How could you think that of me? Alexion, I have come to you for aid, do you think me crazy enough to do such a thing? Holding your daughter from you would not grant me your favour, even I know this much. Someone else is behind this atrocity and likely it is the same person whom infected my blood, don't you think?” Zylon said pacing, agitated steps carrying him from A to b and back again. If only pacing would grant answers, he’d be a genius by now.
Alexion levelled a glare so frightening, Zylon stopped pacing, torture and death had nothing on Alexion in this mood. “You are the only one desperate in this room who would benefit from such an act of war. You have 5 seconds to tell me where she is, or I swear to the gods, I will tear you limb from limb and then go after you family, your entire people will pay for your mistake, I swear it!”
Not knowing anything about the missing Rowena, Zylon could do no such thing, “Alexion, we have known each other our whole lives, how could you possibly think I would do this to you, desperate. Your reputation precedes you and it is why you are our leader and head council member, we trust your judgment and your wrath. This is not my doing, I swear it!”
“Guards, take him!” Alexion bellowed.
Knowing this was futile, that Alexion was not in his right mind; Zylon dropped the starr to get him home. Alexion would cool down and he would try again to talk to his friend, meanwhile he needed to find Rowena to clear his name and find out who would go against the great Alexion, not even he was that brave or stupid.
“Ameera!” Zylon called to his wife as soon as he materialized in his room.
                “How did it go my love?” Ameera appeared behind him, he brought her into his arms and held her tight.
                “We are in grave danger my love, Rowena is missing and Alexion thinks I have taken her!”
Ameera trembled as her husband described what was happening. Alexion wouldn’t leave a single person standing if he thought they had taken his beloved daughter. A daughter they had finally conceived after several failed pregnancies and years of pain.
“What are we to do Zy?” Zylon stroked his wife’s hair and breather in her soft scent, she was the most beautiful thing in this world, so gentile and kind, he could not lose her.
                “You must take Xavier and go to the human world until I can sort this out. I must find Rowena and return her.” Zylon hated to send her away, especially to the human where she would be defenceless against the outlaws but it was safer than being here.
“Xavier is not here Zy; I thought you had taken him to the council meeting after all!” Zylon’s heart stopped beating.
At that moment his guard entered badly beaten and bloody.
“Majesty they have Xavier” He stumbled and fell to his knees showing the extent of his injuries across his back, there wasn’t any skin left on it, his left hand was crushed, his face had no discernable shape and  his front was skewers with hundreds of wooden splinters. His guard and loyal friend would not make it. Zylon bent down to hear what his guard was saying through the gurgling,
                “You are to turn yourself over to Alexion or Xavier will stand in your stead” The guard drew his last breath. “I have failed you majesty, forgiv...” And fell to the floor.
Ameera held her hand over her mouth to keep from screaming and sat heavily in her chair. Zylon drew his hand threw his hair and went to his wife side, kneeling at her feet he picked up her hand and rested it to his cheek.
“You’re going aren’t you? I will lose you both in the same night.” Ameera’s voice was soft and quiet. Zylon pulled her off the chair and held her in his lap.
“You will not lose us my love, Xavier is only a child. Alexion will not hurt him, as angry as he is, he will not harm a child, but we cannot leave our son there, he will be frightened. Alexion will see sense, I am sure of it, there is no way he can think I had anything to do with this, and once he calms down he will see that.”
“Do you promise me? I couldn’t bear to live without you,” Ameera softly cried into his shoulder. 
“I will send Xavier back to you and then you must hide in the human realm until I come for you. I will have the guards search for Rowena and when she is returned everything will be fine.”

Chapter One

Edinburgh 2010
“This is it,” Rowan told herself. “Come on girl pull your shit together and get out there, sitting here isn’t going to get you the job or out of this soul sucking city,” it's the out she needed, the job would pay well and she’d be able to go travelling faster. Working a nine to five, shitty job would take years to save the money she wanted. So why was she shacking like a leaf and sweating enough to fill a pool? Gently patting down her face with a tissue - not wanting to ruin her carefully applied makeup - and taking slow, deep breaths in an attempt to meditate, that frankly had never worked in the past, but was definitely worth a try.
 “It’s only dancing, you can do this... you love to dance,” Her type of meditation failed to calm her thumping heart. “Pull yourself together Rowan, and get out there, you’re not doing any good in here,” Standing abruptly before she could chicken out, she made her way to the stage, butterflies taking off in my stomach, - more like swallows hitting a glass door that butterflies - palms slightly moist. “This will change your life, now straighten up, lift your chin and show them what you’re made of,” She muttered, not quite believing it yet herself.
Sitting in the dark, he waved her forward, indicating that he was ready to begin. The club was in darkness but the stage was brightly lit, no hiding places. The music startled her at first, it’s not what she would have chosen but she went with it, Madonna - like a virgin - was what they gave her – apt since was she one!
Three weeks later and Rowan was about to do her first night shift, probation was over and she was finally going to earn some real money. This would make or break her, not physically but it would defiantly suck if she screwed this up.
                Club Noir was the hottest place in Edinburgh at the moment, the place to be seen if you were into all that, and although she worked there it wasn’t her scene at all. She preferred the quieter life, away from the lime light, when not working.
The other girls are ok, three of them amazingly beautiful and graceful. They’re the ones most asked for and they earn the most in tips. It’s hard for Rowan not to feel inadequate when in their presence. Thankfully she hadn’t had to deal with them much, until tonight that is. Getting used to the leering and rude suggestions was difficult at first, but that’s why we’re here. It’s our job to tantalise them, provoking those feelings. At first it was shocking but now it just seems normal, what isn’t so normal is the amount of woman that grace this place with their presence. The girls don’t come in to watch the dancers; they come in here to track down eligible single men, although finding a good one is a strip club might be a stretch as far as she was concerned.                     
Eva, Star and Willow were dancing tonight as well as herself, it just so happens that they are the incredibly beautifully graceful ones she had been hoping to avoid being paired with. This was likely to be a disaster on a catastrophic scale; she would end up looking like the ugly, uncoordinated, frumpy sister you’d rather hide in the closet than be associated with, next to these three. No way would the punters be interested in her once they had seen them.
She wished, not for the first time tonight that she was on with Kat, Lesley and Penny, they were at least normal, she could compete with normal but these three are ..... Otherworldly. Imagine standing next to  Aphrodite or Venus, that’s how she feel standing next to them – like a dull star next to the sun. Completely obliterating her self confidence.
Penny, one of the other dancers that had taken Rowan under her wing, was helping her get ready, she’d been the one to teach her how to really tease and tantalise with dignity. ‘If you rush to take it all off, what’s left for them to imagine...” she would say – constantly – Penny had picked out the outfits for the two dances tonight as well.
                The first one is just one long piece of white silk that would be wrapped around her body, Penny thought this would be the easiest way to start tonight, Rowan wasn’t so sure. Te Amo by Rihanna, was her first dance, and she hated it, it was too slow and went on for ages, but Rick had picked it for her and until she proved herself, she couldn’t argue with the boss. Like a virgin was the second and although she hadn’t liked it at first, it suited her just fine, it was feisty and short.
Needing space from her thoughts, she applied her home made body lotion, on top of that, the gold shimmer powder then the heavy makeup, outlining her eyes and rubying her lips while Penny fixed her hair, so that the mask wouldn’t slip during the dance. Penny wrapped the ‘outfit’ around and around until Rowan felt like a giant present, a hysterical giggle escaped, as she wondered if anyone would think she was the booby prize next to the other three. Placing the mask on, she appraised herself in the mirror, bright green eyes looked back from behind the white feathered mask. Long shinny auburn hair, half pulled up at the sides while the rest was left to trail down her back, she pulled her lips into a smile. She was as ready as she’d ever be.
Adrian sat with a group of his ‘friends’ Christ life was boring! Why had he let them drag me here, it wasn’t his scene. Why would he want to come here when he had women throwing themselves at him on an hourly basis? Just once it would be nice to have to work at getting one to notice him, HIM and not his power or position. He’d give it all up for that, for a normal life.
Club Noir - what a cliché - it’s the same as every other lap dancing place, with only one exception that he could see.
Sitting with the usual entourage of ‘friends’, he tried to look like he was at least enjoying myself. It took some effort on his part. His smile was most definitely fake tonight, not that anyone had noticed. He was used to faking interest in things that really held no appeal; it was how he’d survived these last 16 years in hidden exile. No one could know who he really was. But maybe now he should assert some command and take back his life, he was strong, stronger than most and had allies if he needed. But he couldn’t do that to his mother.
 If only he were normal..... He’d be able to do his own thing, live the life he wanted. The life he saw every day, passing him by. It would be nice to not be on guard all the bloody time. He could do or not do what he wanted without having the entire world looking for him.  Life was never what you wanted was it! Prison would be easier to escape. Nope, no chance of parole ever for him, not unless he could find a way home!
Turning his attention back to the stage and away from his own melancholy, he watched to two dancers.
As he figured, the two dancers in front of him – although he’d never met them – knew who he was, and they wanted him. He could have them both, and not even that was doing it for him tonight. Nothing of late had held his interest, except going home.       
He had to give them credit though; they were good at what they did. Everyone in this place was excited, blood pressures where high. If only he could feel that way, feel something real for a change.
Another one was dancing now, she was feisty and she made it clear that she wanted him. This one caused a faint stirring of lust to bubbled up inside. She would be a distraction form and otherwise dull night, it would pass a few hours at least.
He briefly wonder if he’d put in enough time to leave unnoticed - glancing at the friends to make sure they weren’t paying him any attention - slipping from his chair he made his way to the back of club where the stage door was. Just about to slip through the door when a warm tingle, ran down his spine, stopping him in his tracks. His eyes were drawn to the stage where a dancer was getting ready to start. He could feel her anxiety seeping into him, filling him with her fear, like he was siphoning them from her. This was strange and something he’d never felt before, he made his way back to his seat, trying to figure out what had just happened. This one was different.
Willow and Star were dancing together tonight, they had just come into the dressing room chattering with excitement, and Rowan listened to them to keep my mind occupied while she waited for her call.
“Did you see him, isn’t he the most gorgeous thing you have ever seen star?”
“I know, I know... I...  I  can’t believe he’s here.... Do you think he came for one of us?” As they continued their speculation - excitement raising their voices to an almost inaudible level - She had to stop listening, they were giving her a headache. Concentrating on the dance, she was able to drown them out, running it threw her mind again and again so that she wouldn’t need to think about it when she got out there.
It was almost time, so gathering her strength, she left the dressing room. Eve had just come off and should be on her way to the dressing room but instead she was twitching the back curtain like a busy body neighbour, it looked like she was waiting for someone. Eve was a strange girl but Rowan couldn’t worry about her just now. She had to keep her head in the game.
Taking deep cleansing breaths to steady her fraying nerves, she waited.
It was time..... making her my way on to the dark stage she took her seat on the floor facing away from everyone,  arranged her arms above her head, hands crossed at the wrists, fingers set like an Indian dancer and bowed her head and waited for Rick to finish.
Ok Rowan, you can do this..... It’s just that same as dancing during the day..... Remember what Rick said and look above their heads not in their eyes. Penny had said something too... what was it again.... Her hands were shaking so much when Penny’s words came flooding back. Think of dancing for your lover, it’s just the two of you and no one else, it makes it easier. The music came on and the spot light lit her up. “To late to back out now without looking like a fool.” She looked above everyone and danced for her fantasy lover. “Phew” She made it through the whole song without fainting or falling over her own feet...  It’s not funny, it happened her first day on the job, talk about embarrassing but now was the hard bit. With her back to the club, she tied one end of her outfit to the pole and began to unravel myself.
Totally feeling like a prize idiot rather than a present.
She grabbed hold of the taped down material, freeing it and with her last twirl and dropped it to the ground, then followed it to finish the dance in a crouch. She had made it...
                When she looked up, it was into the horrified face of a man but it was his eyes that held her attention. She never thought she’d ever see eyes like that again- kind sad, grey eyes. They reminded her of someone, someone special. Unimaginable pain ripped through her entire body, causing her legs to tremble, she clenched her teeth against the pain.
The lights went out.
She had to move but couldn’t.
Her heart was in pieces in the bottom of her stomach and her legs wouldn’t obey commands to move.
Staring, eyes locked in battle, at this strange man who had crushed her in the blink of an eye- literally- she was crushed, a steam roller couldn’t have done a better job of incapacitating her.
He had the same eyes as Jake but it couldn’t be the same person, Jake would be in his late thirties, this guy wasn’t any older than twenty. It was this realisation that finally allowed her to move enough to wobble off the stage and back to the dressing room. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t actually Jake, it was too late, the emotional avalanche had already begun before her brain could rationalise this. 
Adrian sat unmoving. The way she moved her body to the music was incredible, he couldn’t take his eyes off her, and for that matter he couldn’t breathe either.
She had cast some kind of spell over him and he was helpless to do anything but sit here and suffocate, as she weaved and twirled to the sultry sounds. It was like she was dancing just for him.
He was mesmerized.
As she started to unravel the material, her sweet scent enveloped him and set every molecule in his body shivering with delight in anticipation. It was almost enough for him to forget where he was, his control was slipping, throat burning and body throbbing in time with the music.
These where real feelings! Nothing like the tickle he’d felt for the other girl, these were devastating and dangerous.
He needed to have her - but she’d destroy him! He would lose his very soul to this girl - but she might actually be worth it - his mind was reeling and the monster was stirring, he could feel it reacting to her.
He needed to calm down before he lost control, and everything that he held dear – like his humanity – In fact he needed to get out of here. If anyone saw his reaction to her, her life would be over. They would use her to turn him and against my will - and he’d do it - The monster was already growling with need, he was losing control quickly. He hadn’t felt this alive since the fever. What was it about this girl that had him losing control now after 16years of feeling nothing?  From what he could see, she was pretty but that never affected him before, she was average height, long auburn hair, shapely body, her breasts were not to large - just a handful – but she had him captivated....
He would give her anything she wanted. Anything
How could he keep her – was he strong enough to keep her alive – would they use her – could he walk away from her – could he truly live without her, different endings were playing out inside his head. His life with her, his life without her – he shuddered at the thought of living without her. Adrian’s life had just changed in the space of a second.
Having not taken his eyes off her and try as he might, not controlling his reaction to her either; it was out of his control. He just hoped that no one was paying him any attention right now.
She ended her dance right in front of him and their eyes locked. The feeling of helplessness engulfed him and left him drowning in her eyes, floundering around trying to keep his grip on reality as his mind reeled off the possible outcomes.
He soaked in every detail of her face, but it was her eyes that held him. The pain he saw there snapped him out of his delusions, reminding him that she was different.
The lights went out. He could still see her - with his sight working better in the dark - Her anger faded and she looked like she had crumpled in on herself, tears were trickling down her cheeks. She closed her eyes and seemed to pull herself together enough to stumble off the stage. He wanted to go to her, to help her, make her feel better, take the pain away but again, he was frozen.
He couldn’t see her as she went through the curtain but he could hear her trapped sobs as she tried to keep them inside.
The need to grab her and run from here, protect her from everyone, overwhelming.
He had to remind himself that it was him she needed protection from at this very moment. He should leave but couldn’t make himself go.
His life really sucked....  finally he had found something worth his interest and he couldn’t have it without causing irrevocable damage. He sighed and slumped back in his chair, knowing he would wait for her to come back out even though it might be the end of him, and possibly her too. The other girls came and went, they held no interest for him, he I was still here for one reason and only one. – Selfishness - he knew he should be paying more attention to the others but his mind was occupied with only one thing – Rowan.
It was Eve, Rowan saw first, she was still standing in the same spot as before.
“Rowan don’t cry” she sounded concerned. “Rowan don’t cry, it gets better... easier... don’t.... don’t worry about Adrian, you’re.... you’re not his kind, that’s all. It’s.... it’s not your fault. I’m his kind, even if you had been here for years it would still have been the same. Come on Rowan you’ve got one more to do, you better get cleaned up or Rick will toss you out!”
She couldn’t talk or even smile, just nod her head and continue to the dressing room.
Ripping off the mask revealed the devastation of her face; her eyes held a world of pain in them that she thought had long since been buried.  Her mind kept going over the horrified look on his face. Was she really that repulsive?
Having thought she had dealt with these feelings years ago, she didn’t expect them to be hit with them now... or ever. When Jake left the Home he had crushed her and she had cried for weeks, maybe months, she missed him dreadfully. Only four at the time, but the loss was heart hardening. She had never let anyone get close until Jake, he somehow gotten through her defences and crept into her heart. Jake was 17 almost 18 and she knew he would be leaving us soon, everyone at 18 did, but he had promised to visit, and to take her with him next time. Before Jake came she had no friends the other kids would pick on her, push her around and tease her until she cried and hid under her bed. Jake changed all that. He was her hero, he was tall - but then everyone was a giant to her at four – and unbelievably good looking, – not that she noticed then but looking back she could see why the other girls disliked her, especially when he left, they blamed her because he spent his time with her and not them – He was more like Hercules or Superman to me. Although the pain was bad then, it somehow seemed worse now, instead of fading with time it was intensified, making it more than any human could bear. Acid churned in her stomach as sorrow clogged her throat and the sob that she held back threatened to tear her apart the moment she let it out. She couldn’t let that happen. She’d worked so hard for this and would be dammed if she was going to let some memory stop her now.
Penny let herself in. She was here to help her change for the next routine. Rowan had about 20 minutes to get it together and reapply her face. She swallowed hard to dislodge the sob caught there and wiped her face. Penny was giving words of encouragement and praise but none of it really got through, she was too busy trying to pull herself back together.
 Finished with her face, she put on the crystal bra and thong set; they were made to look like she had nothing on but crystals. Pulling on the black stocking with a crystal line down the backs of them, trying not to rip them and placing her feet in the black 6 inch black stilettos. The last thing she had to put on was long black crystal encrusted gloves. Her hair would stay loose so she didn’t need to do anything to it. She was dressed but didn’t know if she could go through with the next dance. The only thing that was keeping her from bolting for the door or crumbling to the floor was the fact that she needed this job; needed the money, if she was ever going to leave this city of heartache and go travelling. This was the fastest way to earn enough to go sooner rather than later. And she needed to be out of here if she was going to have a life.
Maybe they guy wouldn’t be out there, he certainly look horrified and ready to bolt for the door. As she started towards the stage, with Penny in tow babbling words of encouragement and praise, she would make sure that no one looked at her like that again. As she got closer to the stage her resolve was setting, she was not going to let anyone destroy her again. She didn’t care what they thought as long as they liked what they saw and where willing to pay for it. Her heart was hardening again, she could physically feel it solidifying beneath her rib cage. By the time she got to the stage Rick was introducing her again “Rowan the devils delight”.
Masking all her feelings. She danced like her life depended on it.  Made eye contact with everyone except HIM, she knew he was still here but didn’t dare look at him, didn’t want to chance looking into those eyes again. Every man in here wanted her, she could feel it “good” this is what she needed, this is what was going to get her out of here.
                      Adrian watched her while like a virgin blasted out. This was not the same girl, something had changed. This Rowan was hard and confident, she moved across the stage like she owned it, making eye contact with everyone but him. There was no fear or anxiety coming from her. What had happened in the 20 minutes she was gone. She was beautiful, graceful, powerful, intoxicating, erotic and very feminine, every heartbeat in the club was zinging with desire for her, the pressure of their desire was crushing in on him, he felt like his skin was being peeled away from his body and he wanted to tear everyone to shreds and bath in their blood. A growling hiss escaped from his chest, he spun and fled the club before he could follow through with what he wanted to do. He needed to be out of there. What was she doing to him?

Although Rowan never looked directly at him she caught glimpses of him now and then, he looked sickened one minute, angry the next. As aware of him as she was she saw him get up and leave – faster than was possible to move – but because she wasn’t looking right at him it must have been an illusion, the lights playing tricks with her eyes. 

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Chapter 35

Bellaneeze appeared looking like she had been in the middle of having a conversation that she had been pulled out of. Confusion on her face as she looked around, but when she spotted Daniel the look changed to one that Rowan knew well. Love, confusion then worry.
“Daniel, your bleeding!” Bellaneeze’s panicked voice echoed in the silence. Rowan hadn’t noticed the blood, funny she had missed as now she looked at him he was covered in it, lacerations all over is arms, chest and face.
“Why have you called me to you, you know it's too dangerous.”
“I didn’t call you here my love. Oh high and mighty over there did, apparently a family reunion was needed.” Daniel said, embracing her so tenderly that it made Rowans heart constrict at them not being together, surely with that much love they should be.
Getting more and more confused by the second, her head felt like it was going to exploded. Bellaneeze was her mother. Huh. Well she could have told her that before now. Why had they kept this a secret and why did Shae and Alexion think they were her parents? Had they been lying to her this whole time? Her whole life was turning out to be one big fat lie.
Laughter bubbled up from the empty pit in her stomach. Xavier was still frozen in a compromising position. Her mother and father, apparently, were wrapped in each other’s arms, and Daniel was a weird, something, with a sex crazed wife. What wasn’t funny about that? She felt hysterical, yeah that would best describe the emotion right now, nothing else would fit.
“She’s losing it. I knew this would be too much information. You should have let me tell her in my own time Adam.” Daniel sighed.
“Daniel, you worry to my love, she is a lot stronger than you know. Just give her a moment, she will pull it together.” Bellaneese said into his shoulder.
Rowan could hear everything that was going on around her. It was like she had two brains one processing the information the other totally freaking out.
“She is processing the new information; she will be fine in a minute.” Adam announced.
Rowan was indeed processing the information, her laughter loud and from her belly, she couldn’t stop it, couldn’t help it. But it helped release the nervous energy from her. Her mind hadn’t shut down, it had cracked wide open and she felt lost.
Finally she pulled herself into some semblance of normal and looked around.
“Are you ok now?” Bellaneese asked stepping in her direction.
Rowan held up her hand to stop her. She needed space.
“No, I'm not ok, nothing about this is ok. My fiancé is groping a married woman, and I just found out that the parents I never knew I had aren’t my parents at all and that you two are. Anything else you’d like to tell me while we’re on the truth serum?” Rowan asked.
Adam stepped forward, “Yes. I will tell you the whole truth.”
 With a rather angry retort from Daniels and Bellaneeze in language she couldn’t understand, it sounded like bells chiming, before he looked at her again and continued.
“Biologically, Daniel, and I are your fathers, Shae, Eve and Bellaneeze you mothers. I know it's hard to belive or understand, and we don't have time to get into the mechanics of it right now. but that is the truth.”
Rowan felt her mouth drop open, far enough to catch flies, if there were any. Her mind couldn’t grasp that concept. How did you have three mothers, never mind two fathers?
 “You are the Key Rowan. The Key to life and death. Eve needs you to gain entrance into the garden of Eden and the tree of life. We can't let that happen, no matter what.”
“Why haven’t you killed me then?” Why had she asked that question. She had no idea, it just popped out and before she could retraked it he was answering her.
“If killing you would solve this problem, I would have, but you are life and death, without you, the world would end.”
Oh goodie, she thought.
“Why does Eve want the tree of life, you are immortal, what good would it do her?” Rowan asked.
“We are not immortal Rowan, what you see before you is an illusion, Eve wants her youth back and she wants to reign supreme, she still holds a grudge for being evicted from the garden.”
“Why not come for me earlier then, why has she waited this long?”
“She didn’t know you existed. It's why Daniel hid you, he realised his mistake and did his best by you. It was only when you returned here and your powers returned fully that she felt your presence and knew what you were. Now she will build an army and come for you.” Adam explained.
“Adam. We need Rogue.”  Daniel said.
“You know what you are asking of me!” Adam sighed.
“Yes.” Daniel said, with equally as much enthusiasm and Adam had had at the suggestion.
Rowan wondered why they would be so dower at bring Rogue back if they could, but she didn’t interrupt their quiet contemplation, it seemed wrong somehow to voice her feelings and concerns over their odd behaviour. She laughed again, everything was so odd, how was she able to tell anymore?
“Rowan, I need for you to unfreeze things now.” Adam asked her, his voice low and soft.
She continued to laugh but answered him in bursts. “If I knew how to, I would. Do you think I have been sitting here twiddling my thumbs the whole time. No, I have been trying to undo it, but you took my powers remember.”
“No, I didn’t. I just let you think I had. The mind is a powerful tool Rowan, you need to learn how to use it against people. I didn’t have to take anything from you, you just had to believe I had.”
Rowan was stunned, yet again, by this. When would she learn? Concentrating on Xavier she willed him to breath, to move, to come to her. She also willed him to slap Eve.
Xavier felt her calling him and he went to her, but not before hitting Eve across the face.
He was shocked at himself, he had never struck a woman before, not out of malice anyway. But he didnt linger on that thought as Rowans call was stronger. She needed him, he could feel it.
Rowan wrapped her arms around him.
“I'm so glad your back.” She said as those pesky tear returned.
“How dare you strike me you little maggot.” Eve’s voice bellowed. Xavier didn’t even react to Eve’s out bust as he held Rowan.
“You have no idea how glad I am to be myself again. I felt like I was trapped inside my body, with no will of my own. I hated every minute of it.” He kissed her. His lips hard and soft, seeking entrance into her mouth. Pulling back as Eve continued to bellow in outrage, she looked into his eyes.
“I know babe, don't worry, I'm not angry with you, but before you touch me again. Please go and wash her stink off you.” She said, pushing him towards the water.
“Fine, ignore me then, see if you like this.” Eve taunted, her perfect eyebrow cocked up and her grin became wicked.
Rowan felt her stomach heat up and swirl, nausea overtook her and she wrapped her arms around herself.
“What are you doing to her?” Xavier said rushing to Rowans side, before he too clutched his stomach and fell to his knees at Rowans side.
“Eve!” Adam yelled.
“Oh don't get your knickers in a twist, I didn’t kill anyone.” Eve cackled, “Although he may wish I had soon enough.”
“What has she done to me?” Rowan cried. The emptiness she felt was excruciating.
“It appears she has given me our baby.” Xavier said breathlessly, looking at his distended stomach.
Rowan gapped at the swell that she saw, she hadn’t even had a swell yet.
Xavier’s hand flew to his stomach and shock crossed his perfect features as Rowan stared at him.
“What is it?” she asked, worry sounding heavy in her voice.
“It kicked me. there it is again. How?”
“I aged it a bit.” Eve said, clearly delighted with herself.
Rowan and Xavier looked at each other. Rowan had had enough bizarreness for one day and just couldn’t take anymore.
“Change it back. Put things back to how they are meant to be, right now.”
“No. You do it, if you want the morning sickness, peeing all the time, cravings and cramps, never mind the birthing of it. I just did you a favour, you can thank me for it later.” Eve smiled at her, a taunting smile that made her stomach lurch.
“I can't do it. I might kill the baby. Adam. Do something.” Rowan pleaded.
“Sorry Rowan, I can't do anything. But she is right, you do have the power change it back.” Adam said, smiling at Eve.
He really was smiling at the evil cow. Smiling.
“Eve, I'm bring Rogue back.” Adam sobered.
“You know what that means Adam.” Eve said.
You could cut the air with a knife it had become so thick and tense.
“What are your terms?” Adam asked.
“I get to take someone else.”
“Fine, but no one here and not storm.” Adam agreed.
Adams face paled at her agreement and Rowan had a sinking feeling she wasn’t going to like what was going down here. So before she could stop herself or they could voice the person taking Rogue place she wanted her own bit of happiness guaranteed.
“Before any further agreements are made, I want one thing sorted out right here, right now.” Rowan piped up, not knowing if this was a good time, but lately there wasn’t any good times for anything.
“If you’re my parents, then I want you to stop this farce of a marriage between me and Rafe and let me and Xavier get married. I want to be with him and I'm not moving from this hell hole of a nightmare until I get at least one thing out of this.” She finished, resting her hands on her hips and fought the childish urge to stamp her foot.
“Sorted.” Daniel gleamed at her.
“Now as to you terms Eve, who will you be taking?” Adam returned to the original topic.
“NO.” Rowan yelled.
“Too late, buttercup, the agreement had been made. I get Josephine you get Rogue.” Eve laughed.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Chapter 34

The laugh echoed off everything, an evil cackle if ever she had heard one. Rowan looked around as did Xavier but there was no one there. Not that they could see anyway.
“Quite the temper you have their Xavier. I could use that.”
“Come out and I’ll show you more.” He said spinning around.
Rowan watched dumbfounded by the luminous green eyes that appeared to be floating mid air right in front of Xavier. He took a step back, blocking Rowan from the eyes. Slowly a form followed, the most perfect body Rowan had ever seen, she was naked except for the fig leaves covering her nipples and sex. Red hair pleated and draped around her front to her waist. Skin so pale pink and flawless it was painful to look at.
“How about you show me your temper in a more. Pleasurable way.” She purred, running one fingernail slowly down his chest, her gaze following her finger to his manhood.
“Xavier. No, don't.” Rowan said, but her voice was barely audible, the words seemed to stick in her throat, which had suddenly gone tight and dry.
Xavier grabbed the woman and spun her around before squeezing her breasts. It looked painful to Rowan. Was he going to kill her, he didn’t look like himself. His eyes were glazed over and if she had to guess she would say that he was glamoured.
“You want to fuck me don't you Xavier?” the woman purred, arching her back, pressing her breasts further into his hands. Her groans like daggers to Rowans heart.
“Yes.” Xavier said and rowans heart collapsed in on its self, her stomach flipped. He is not himself, remember that.
“That feels good, doesn’t it? You don't have to hold back with me Xavier, give me everything youv got and more.” She said reaching her hand behind her back. Rowan couldn’t see what she was doing but the jerk of Xavier shoulders gave her a pretty good idea. Fury filled her, this bitch was going to die and die slowly.
“What do you want to do to me Xavier?”
“Fuck you till you bleed.” His emotionless voice said.
Eve took his hand from her breast, licked his fingers and then guided them inside her. Xavier took over from there and rubbed her while his fingers fucked her.
“That’s it. Harder. Harder. Make me cum.” She groaned.
Rowan lost it, she knew this woman was powerful, could feel it prickle against her skin, but she was not about to sit here like a wall flower while this cunt took advantage of her man, no fucking way.
She marched up to the woman, got up in her face. Grabbed Xavier hands and held them tight against his struggle to keep going.
“Bitch. Get. Your. Claws. Out. Before I gauge your eyes out, and shove then where his fingers were.”
“I am everything and nothing. And right now you’r pissing me off, not a smart move on your part.” She glared at rowan. “I did not interrupt you, so the least you could do is leave little girl before I gut you.”
“LET.HIM.GO” Rowan growled out between her teeth.
“Oh I will just as soon as he feeds.” She said, moving her neck to the side allowing Xavier perfect access to her carotid artery.
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.” Rowan screamed. The world stopped. No sound could be heard. Nothing moved. Even Xavier was frozen midway to the women throat, who had a gleaming grin plastered to her face in preparation of his bite.
Rowan looked around; she was the only thing moving. She had frozen everything. Holly shit!
“It's about time” A male voice said.
“And who the hell are you?” She glared. “Come to do to me, what your little friend there is doing to my fiancé? Well, let me warn you. I have had it up to here, with you freaks. The next one to upset me, in case that’s not clear, let me spell it out. YOU. will lose something they can’t live without.” She finished facing the newcomer.
He held up his hands in surrender before speaking.
“Who I am, is not important, why I'm here, is. But to ease your mind my name is Adam, and that.” he motioned to woman. “Is my wife, Eve.”

“Nice wife you have there, you should keep her on a leash.” Rowan barked, feeling the power drain from her.
“I'm here to help you Rowan.” Adam said, moving towards her.
“I think I need a straight jacket, not the kind of help you can give.” She slumped to the ground. Her muscles aching from pent-up adrenaline, the power drain was almost painful. What was causing it?
“Sarcy much?” He smiled at her.
“Wouldn’t you be to, if things, beings, kept popping in on you?”
“You have no idea what I have to put up with, be thankful you don't.” He said, pain flashing across his face so briefly, she wasn’t sure she had seen it.
Rowan pinched herself to make sure this wasn’t another bad dream, then noticed she was still naked. Before she could form the words, she was dressed as was Xavier. She breathed a sigh of relief. The unfortunate thing was that she wasn’t dreaming.
“Well done, but that is child’s play Rowan, you need to learn defensive moves too.” He said crouching down in front of her.
Adam took her hand and kissed the back.
“Rest my child, I know you feel drained. I'm sorry about that, but it's necessary for now.”
Rowan felt the powers seeping out of her, she flopped against a rock and just stared at Adam.
“Don't be scared, it's for your safety as much as anyone’s. You are about to learn the truth and I think it's best if you can't kill anyone.”
Rowan could do little more than nod her head. Her brain was active but her body unresponsive.
Adam stood up and walked a little away from her.
“Daniel.” He said.
“Argg, wha.. oh. Pardon my outburst.” He said, going down on one knee.
“Welcome Daniel, it's been a while my friend.” Adam said. She didn’t miss the slight edge to his voice though.
“Why have you sent for me?” Daniel asked, head bowed.
“You know why.” Adam said, walking towards Rowan again. “This is your doing, your responsibility. You must train her before it's too late.”
“I am protecting her, I can't do both, right now I should be at the gate holding back the hounds.”
“They won’t be held back by you, you know that. You should never have taken what didn’t belong to you.”
“Why did you let me take it.”
“This is, and was always your fate.”
“Please, Adam. Help me.” Daniel begged.
“I am helping you, more than I should. Train her before Eve comes for the baby. It will take an army to stop her.”
“I can't keep them away and train her. Can't you freeze hell or something?”
“I'm not even going to dignify that with an answer. But you won’t be alone.”
“No, please, you can't get her involved.”
“I have too, she is her mother after all. Bellaneeze.” He called

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Chapter 33

Three weeks later and Rowan still had no frigin clue what they were going to do. Her mother had been on and on at her about meeting her future husband and she had managed to put it off until today.
Looking in the mirror as she brushed her hair, she remembered her last meeting with Xavier. They had been meeting every chance they got, at the watering hole. No one knew they were meeting, for all intense and purposes they hadn’t seen each other in weeks.
She brushed her fingers over her lips and remembered his kiss, the way every touch he delivered made her shiver with delight.
She sighed, this was crazy, she had no intention of marrying anyone but Xavier. Nausea hit her like a ton of bricks and she raced to make it to the toilet.
On her knees she emptied her stomach then retched and retched. She was surprised that her guts hadn’t come up. Flopping back against the sinks cabinets she held her sides, they hurt so much.
This was the forth morning she had been sick, being kept apart from Xavier was causing this and if she didn’t find a way to rectify it, she was likely to become bulimic.
Getting up off the floor she splashed her face and took a drink of water to get rid of the vomit lingering in her mouth.
Xavier paced in his room, he knew Rowan was meeting Rafe today and that she would have to spend the day with him. Everything in him was in turmoil over it. He wanted to break something, ideally Rafe’s face.
He had known Rafe for a long time, had even been friendly with him on earth. Rafe was a real ladies man and he wouldn’t waste any time trying to get her into bed.
“Arggggg.” He yelled into the cosmos. “WHY!!! why him?” He slammed his hand down on his desk and the wood splintered before splitting in two, the contents flying everywhere as the desk hit the floor. It hadn’t made him feel one iota better.
He needed to see her. Without her he couldn’t breathe, and right now he was likely to kill someone. He sent the bird they used into the air, she would get his message and meet him, she had too.
After showering he put her ring in his pocket. She’d made him take it off her, reluctantly he had agreed but every time they met, she’d put it back on. He couldn’t wait to see her, it had been two days since their last meeting, two days too long, and with her upcoming day with Rafe, he had to see her.
He sat under the oak tree and closed his eyes, she had to come. He needed her, he had to believe that she would come today, even if it was difficult for her to get out alone.
“Penny for ...?” Rowan asked.
But before she even had time to finish that sentence, he had her in his arms and her lips on his. Rowan wrapped her arms around him and returned his kiss with gusto.
“I had to see you. I could go any longer babe, I'm sorry, I know it must have been hard to get away.” He breathed against her lips, looking into her eyes.
“I'm glad you did, if you hadn’t sent the bird, I would have, Iv missed you far too much, it's making me sick.” She whispered. “I don't think I can do this much longer Xav.”
“What do you mean sick?” He asked, he should have told her she was pregnant but, how did he do that without telling her how he knew, when she didn’t. He couldn’t tell her about Daniel, he had made a promise, and even though it was killing him to keep this to himself, she’d had so much to deal with already, one more thing might tip her over the edge and cause her to do something stupid.
“The last four days I’ve been really sick, especially in the mornings. When I remember that I wont see you. It's the stress of carrying on like this and missing you every minute I'm away from you, it has my stomach it knots.” She said resting her head against his cheat.
“Um, Ro. There’s something you should know. I'm not sure how to tell you this babe, but..”
Rowan stiffened in his arms, he felt her heart rate pick up.
“Please don't tell me it's too dangerous for us to keep meeting, because I don't think I can deal with that right now Xav.”
“Thats not what I was going to say. I couldn’t live without seeing you Ro. This is killing me too, and now I have to deal with Rafe parading you around on his arm too. Believe me, it's taking everything I have not to kill him for just thinking about you. The little gift you gave me, when you saved me, lets me know exactly what he’s thinking, and I don't like it.” He said holding her tightly. Never wanting to let her go again.
“Aww Xavier. You have nothing to worry about. I love you and that will never change. You know I don't have a choice in this, not at the moment anyway.” She said, burying her head in his shoulder. “Anyway what is it you did want to tell me, we got off topic?”
Xavier picked her up and walked to the water’s edge while he formulated his thoughts. He sat them both down and kept her in his lap, where she belonged.
“Well it's just that... you being sick is... well it could be that you’re... pregnant.” He finally managed to say; telling her without telling her, seemed the best way.
“Oh MY GOD.”She said as her hands flew to her stomach. “Do you think, do you think I am?”
“I’d say it's a strong possibility.” He said, smiling and covering her hand with his before kissing her cheek, “It explains why you’re being sick.”
“How long do you think I can hide this? If my mother finds out she will kill me and then you.”
Shit, he had forgotten all about Shae, she already knew and wasnt happy about it. She would find a way of getting rid of it, was probably working on it right now, but like him didnt want to tell Rowan before she came up with a plan.
“I don't know, but I promise you, nothing and no one will hurt you or our baby. Even if I have to tear the world apart to keep you safe I will.”
“We’re having a baby.” She whispered, more to herself than him, he thought. He watched the tender expression and his heart swelled. Her voice filled with awe and love as she rubbed her stomach, before shock appeared in it place, “We’re having a baby Xavier! Are you ok with that?” she asked.
He kissed her hard, while holding her hand to her stomach.
“I have never been happier, and this,” he said rubbing her stomach, “is the first of many Mrs Night.” He said pulling out the ring and putting it where it belonged.
Rowan stood up and pulled him to his feet.
“Make love to me.”She said.
He didn’t have to be asked twice.
Undoing the buttons on her shirt one by one he tortured her as well as himself with his agonisingly slow movements, but he wanted to keep her here as long as he could, and rushing this was the last thing he wanted. Not knowing when he would see her again he wanted to take his time and savour every inch of her, burn her moans of pleasure to his mind and body. Feel her tremble in his arms as he pleased and teased her. When he was done she wouldn’t have any energy left to even talk to Rafe.
He kissed her skin as he exposed it slowly, biding his time until he could worship her breasts. Lose himself in her soft curves and tease her into shivering for him. Her soft cries egging him on to undo her jeans and slide his finger through the soft curls to her hot, wetness. He growled into her breasts as she leaned into him, begging him with her body to take her. She moved against his fingers and he almost lost it, almost tore he jeans from her. Instead he picked her up and carried her to the tree before dropping to his knees and sliding her jeans down her sculptured thighs kissing the soft flesh as he went. He kissed her stomach before lifting one foot and taking her jeans from it. Nudged her legs open and teased her with his breath.
“Hold yourself open for me baby, Invite me it.” His husky voice asked her.
Rowan felt insecure, it was broad daylight and anyone could see them doing this, but she wanted this so much that it was a fleeting thought. She pulled back her lips, exposing herself completely and shook with anticipation. His hot breath scorched her as he nipped her fingers. Her core was throbbing and tingling so much she wasn’t sure she would be able to keep her legs under her.
His tongue swept up her and her legs buckled from the sheer pleasure he delivered.
“If you don't stay up, I will have to stop this.” He growled.
Her heart hammered and her pulse raced, she felt breathless and dizzy. But she didn’t want it to stop, leaning against the tree she let the bark dig into her back, the pain adding to the pleasure instead of helping her concentrate.
Xavier continued to barley touch her with his tongue until she cried out with need. Then, and only then did he add the pressure she needed from him. He circled that hot wet tongue around and around until her whole body shook from the climbing orgasm, Xavier’s growls adding vibrations to the pressure of his tongue. He kept her on the edge of oblivion, never allowing her to plunge over it.
 “You’re so wet, so hot, so fucking sinful.” He growled looking at her with such heat, such desire that it almost burned her.
Xavier stood up and turned her around, braced her hands on the tree. Unbuttoned his jeans and drove himself to the hilt, with a growl so loud the whole kingdom had probably heard it. He held  her hips and with feral grunts and groans, his pace full of need and anger, he slammed against her bottom over and over. His hands came around and grabbed her breasts hard, as his thrusts got harder and faster. She was shocked at the need he was showing, the anger she felt from him, but it made her feel just as needful. He wasn’t hurting her, he wasn’t angry with her, it was all because of the situation they were in. Xavier was a hot blooded lover and he needed more of her than he was getting, she knew this because she felt the same way. She wanted him to pound her into the tree, grab her like he couldn’t stop himself, take what he needed from her. He pulled her away from the tree and pushed her head down, her hands touched the ground as he lifted her hips, her feet lost contact with the ground as his thrust became deeper, his balls slamming against her clitoris driver her almost mindless with pain and pleasure. Her fingers dug into the ground as she tried to gain some purchase to meet him stork for stork. His hands where rough, as his last hard thrust filled her completely and drove her over the edge. His body shuddered and with a final growl, louder than the first one he thrust hard and kept himself buried as he shook and jerked, his fingers digging into her hips, before he let her down and slumped over her.
“Dear god baby, what have you done to me?” His husky voice asked her.
“Well they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, it apparently works with sex too.” She breathlessly replied.
Xavier stood up and picked her up, he cradled he in his arms..
“Did I hurt you baby? I lost control, I'm sorry.” He said kissing her lips.
“Hurt me, god no. Can we do that again, you were so deep, I didn’t know you could go that deep, it was wonderful.”  
“Hmmm, like it rough do you?” He growled in her ear, sending shivers through her.
“I like what you do to me.” She echoed his growl. “I don't like that your still dressed though.” Wiggling out of his arms, she ripped his shirt from him and deftly got him out his jeans, wanting nothing more than skin to skin contact. Well thats what she thought until her gaze fixed on his manhood and she wondered what he would taste like.
“Um, baby, with thoughts like that, we will never get out of here.” His husky voice broke her train of thought.
“I thought you couldn’t read my mind?” she asked.
“Huh, I normally can't, but that came thru loud and clear.” He smiled a lazy smile.
Well now this could be interesting, she thought, I wonder if we can talk to each other telepathically?
Yes I think we can baby he thought.
Rowan bent down and did what she had wanted to do from the start and tasted him. She licked him from base to tip. And he shuddered and groaned.
 We don't have time for this baby.
Sure we do
Rowan continued her exploration of him, their juices mingled on his skin. She groan came from nowhere, she loved the way she tasted on him.
Oh god baby, please ,I don't need to hear how you love the way you taste on me, you making me crazy here
How about the way I feel about you inside me?
Xavier groaned “You are a temptress.”
All the better to love you with.... but if you want me to stop, you just have to say.  She thought taking him into her mouth.
Arggg, No, no don't stop. He thought, running his fingers into her hair. and thrusting slightly against her.  Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, stay calm Xavier, stay calm, you don't want to lose control now youl hurt her. Arggggg, oh fuck.
Rowan giggled at his mental mantra, he was trying really hard to stay still as she explored him but was slowly rocking against her.
OH, Oh, oh oh. Oh baby stop, I'm going to come
No, I want to taste you
Xavier grabbed her head hard as his body shuddered and his hips jerked forward, burying him to the back of her throat. Shit I'm sorry baby. He said pulling back quickly.
“Hmmm, I love you when you are uncontrolled Xav, you can't hurt me, so let go a bit, next time I intend to make you lose your mind.” She laughed.
“Now that your done with your little porn show would you mind getting off me.”
Xavier looked at Rowan and she looked at him, her heart stopped, someone was here. They had been captured. It looked like she would never be able to drive him mad, once her mother got wind of this she would be married off tomorrow and under house arrest.
Tears rolled down her cheeks she couldn’t help it, they had been stupid in thinking they could get away with this.
Xavier wrapped his arms around her and held her tight.
“I told you babe, I wont let anything come between us. Stay here and don't look.” He said stepping away from her.
“Come out, now, stop hiding you fucking coward.” Xavier shouted.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Chapter 32

She only made it half way to her room before Xavier gasped and went completely lip in her arms. She put him down, gently. Sat on the floor and sliced open her arm.
“Come on baby, you need to feed.” She said, willing life into him, as her blood flowed into his mouth, all he had to do was swallow it.
“Rowan. What are you doing?” her mother’s voice shattered the deathly silence.
Rowan felt her fury rise, they had done this to him, the man she loved looked like ground beef, not a person, and they had been the barbarians to do it. Her mother had known they were doing it, she had to have ordered it.
“Leave me mother before you say something you’ll regret, I'm not in the mood to forgive right now.” Rowan said throwing her hand up to stop her mother coming any closer. As her hand came a wall of wind separated them, he mother couldn’t get through, no matter how hard she tried.
“Darling don't do this, he is using you. Can't you see that? He had your father almost killed so he could have both kingdoms. You’re only a pawn to him darling, he doesn’t love you; everything he has said to you has been to gain this kingdom. I'm sorry baby, but he told me this himself.”
She kept her hand up but looked down at Xavier who was now swallowing her blood, wondering if that was why he had come back for her. Had it all been a lie? Had he planned this with his parents?
“He wants revenge for what we did to his father Rowan. Please let me in, it's not too late to stop this. He is going to die one way or the other. Why prolong the hurt baby? I know you love him but surly you can see that he hasn’t ever loved you, why would he leave you if he did?
Her mother’s words were slicing open her heart, each one going a little deeper than the last. She couldn’t deny any of what she was hearing, it was all true. Only the fact the she had felt his love in her soul, made her question the poisonous words.
His skin was starting to form, it was patchy but at least he was healing. He also had the strength to hold her arm to his mouth and was now drinking instead of just swallowing. 
Her blood had healed him so fast, she has to blink to make sure she wasn’t seeing things, as she watched more skin covered the muscles that had been dripping blood just minutes ago. She wondered just what else her blood could do.
“Rowan STOP this.” Her mother’s voice was raised now, as she pounded on the wall of wind.
Rowan sat there watching Xavier’s life-force strengthen, she didn’t know if she believed her mother. She would have know if he was lying about being his soul mate, surely he couldn’t fake that.
Oh who was she kidding, she didn’t know jack shit about any of this. She had fairies popping in giving her visions of awful things. She was a vampire that wasn’t dead and still had a beating heart. And she now lived in a parallel world to earth.
What did make sense these days? Absolutely nothing.
 Xavier could, for all she knew, be doing this to get her Kingdom, a Kingdom she would gleefully give him as long as he loved her. As she pondered if he really did love her or just her kingdom, his eyes snapped open pinning her with sadness.
Oh why couldn’t she read his mind? She needed to know for sure that he loved her, for her.
“Do you want this Kingdom Xavier? Is that why you came back for me? Is it why you asked me to marry you?” she whispered to him, her voice breaking slightly.
His eyes flared bright red and his jaw tensed on her arm, he didn’t stop drinking. She guessed he couldn’t, he must still be in excruciating pain, and if her blood was stilling that, then she couldn’t blame him. Even if he didn’t love her and had been trying to use her, he didn’t deserve this.
She finally pulled her arm from him, she wasn’t sure how much blood she could lose before she passed out, and was starting to feel nauseous and weak herself.
“I  l... lo...ve   y.ou.” He rasped, before passing out.
“He will stand trial for what he has done Rowan. I will not let him get away with hurting my family. The council expects it as does this Kingdom.” Her mother said.
“Then I will stand trial with him. He is not to be harmed until then. We are not barbarian’s mother, and I will not see him treated like an animal. He is my fiancé and should be treated as such.” She said, tilting her chin up to show she would not back down.
“You can't be serious.” Shae screeched.
“Deadly.” She said, picking up his body and walking towards her mother.”Until I hear it from his mouth, that he only wanted me for this Kingdom, I am his. And if he dies at the trial, so will I.” The wall of wind died down as she approached it and she briefly wondered what else she could do before he mother spoke again.
 “If you love him this much Rowan, let him go and I will drop the charges against him. I will save his life if you promise to marry another and never see him again.” Shae pleaded. “If you stand with him you will both die, the evidence is undisputable. I can't lose you again Rowan, so I'm giving you this one opportunity to save his life. Once this goes to trail there will be nothing I can do to save either of you.”
He fear in her mothers voice was clear.
“How do I know you will get rid of the evidence that you say is indisputable. How do I know that you’re not just saying this? Why can't you just get rid of it anyway without giving me an ultimatum?” God she was so sick of not knowing anything. Nothing worked the way it was supposed to here. She knew the council was made up of all the ruling houses and that what they said was law.
Oh her brain hurt.
“It's not really an ultimatum Rowan, the council would never sanction your union anyway, they won’t allow that much control to pass to either family, it's just the way it is. So you can save him or kill him but you can never be his wife.”
Rowan stilled in her stride, so it wasn’t just her mother and father that wouldn’t allow them to be together she would have to fight the whole council too. SHIT. She would have to agree with her mother for now, until she found a way round this. Even if it was for them to leave. She had lived her whole life so far without parents but she couldn’t live without Xavier.
“Ok, I will give him up and marry another, IF, you save him.” She said.
“I am sorry about this my dear, but you’ll see, it really is for the best.” Shae said. “I will have him sent home, they can care for him there.”
“NO, he stays with me until he doesn’t look like you put him through a meat grinder.” She barked. “And make sure you other GUEST is cleaned up too.”
 Rowan carried Xavier to her room and laid him on her bed, got a wet cloth and cleaned her blood from his face. He looked so peaceful now, the only evidence of what he had been through was the slight frown between his eyebrows and the matting of his hair. His skin looked fresh and unblemished; there was no blood on him, other than what she had just cleaned from his face.
She covered his body with her blanket and lay beside him, stroking his face, aching for him to open his eyes and look at her, the way he had when he made love to her. She brought her lips to his and kissed him gently, as her tears dripped from her cheeks and on to him. She was so grateful that she had managed to get to him in time. She had saved him.
She had saved him! Even though she had been scared to death, she had faced down guards and her mother and he was now lying in her bed.
Xavier felt the briefest of touches to his lips and his body flared to life. Rowan had saved him. She had come for him and taken the pain from him. He had been so delirious at the time he thought she was an aberration, that his mind had conjured her up for him so he could die in her arms. It wasn’t until her blood dripped into his mouth that he knew she was real.
He felt her hot tears hit his face and he opened his eyes. She was crying. Why? He lifted his hand, his skin felt tight and painful but at least it was skin and the pain was nothing compared to what it had been. He brushed the tears from her cheeks.
“Don't cry my love.” He said his voice sounding like a whisper to his ears.
“Oh Xavier.” She cried and threw herself on top of him. He winced at the contact but held her to him. It was a precious pain and one he wouldn’t deny himself. Masochist he thought. But the pain made it real, made her real, as it set fire to every inch that she touched.
He stroked her hair and let her cry on him, he knew how she was feeling, he had felt the same way when she had woken up.
When she finally stopped crying she curled herself up against him. God she felt so perfect there he never wanted to leave this bed.
“I heard what you told your mother Ro.” He said.
“Hmm, what was that.” she said tilting her face up to his.
“You told her you would give me up, if she saved me from trial. Did you mean it?” he asked running his fingers down her cheek.
“No. I just needed time to figure out how to beat the system.” She said reaching for his face.
He kissed the top of her head. He knew she hadn’t meant it but he needed to hear it for himself.
“You can't beat the system Ro, I wish we could but everything she said is true. Well the part about them not letting us be together, not the part about me only wanting you for your Kingdom. I hope you know that.”
“I do, but there has to be a way, and if there isn’t then we can leave here.” She said kissing from his chest to his throat.
“No, you can't live on earth right now, it's too dangerous, too many people trying to kill you and I can't fight them all Ro.” He said as his blood called for her, his body igniting with need to be inside her.
“Then what do we do?” she asked, her eyes filled with fear and sadness.
“I don't know.” He said kissing her lips, “But I'm not giving up on us either.”