Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Orkadia 1994

“The fever is spreading, many have already died and more are showing signs of it. Our medicans are researching a cure but so far we are unable to eradicate it. We have separated the infected from the village and are doing everything to find the source of the outbreak. We require aid and approval to replenish. As you see I have submitted the number required, I know it's more than usual and I understand it will take time but I am prepared to send my entire guard.” King Zylon Night informed the council members.
“Of course we will render aid my friend.” King Alexion Light said. “But we cannot and will not approve of replenishment at this time. You must see that it is futile to do so, with the outbreak so rife and the cause unknown. ”
“Thank you for your aid Alexion, I’m sure it will speed things up however my people cannot survive past this year if we do not replenish. I have already set up another village far from the fever to keep the intakes safe and will ensure their safety with my own life.”
“We have not sanctioned this many intakes since we moved here, that's 11000 years, Zylon. Our survival depends on secrecy and stealth.” Alexion paced the floor, before stopping to stare out over the Light kingdom. “There are already people studying the Bermuda triangle, so that is no longer an option. How do you expect to hide that many missing? There is no great war at the moment and the cities investigate the missing these days. It is not as easy as it once was to acquire the numbers you are seeking.” Returning to the table, he put his hand on his friends shoulder. “I understand your need but we cannot risk exposure. The medicans will find a cure and once they have, I will be the first in line to jump with you.”
“Alexion, please! You cannot do this; you know I would not ask this of the council if I was not already looking at a devastating future for my kingdom. We are desperate and desperate people will do desperate things. The medicans alone will not help, we don't have enough blood to survive and I fear for the people we do have. Killing has long been outlawed and for good reason, but it won’t be long before it starts happening through desperation or anger. I do not want this to send us back to the days of outlaws and thievery. Unauthorised jumps have already come to my notice, people are scared, and I must come back with some good news to keep them positive.”
“Yes, yes you must. I will send my chief guards to acquire physicians, our medicans may not be enough as it is a human sickness but that is all I can do my friend,” Alexion proclaimed.
“Enough!” Drake rose from the table. “Your begging sickens me cousin, Alexion has been gracious enough to offer this help. You must accept it and if you do not survive then it was fated to be so. It is not the whole kingdoms problem that you have infected blood and I propose that you should be kept under quarantine, your entire kingdom should be kept quarantined until we know how this is spread and that it will not affect us all.”
“Quarantined... Are you mad? It is hard enough to keep order without that. We know this is not something we can succumb to, what are you worried about Drake? That my people will pilfer you blood? I can assure you that none have thus far and it will remain so.”
“But you cannot guarantee it or you would not be so worried yourself about killing and jumping. Or is that just a ploy to get the largest blood supply in the land?”
“Enough! This meeting is adjourned. Zylon, call your guard, we will send them now to retrieve the physicians you need. Drake, it’s time for you to leave, your kingdom has little to do with this, and you were only invited out of courtesy.”
Mayleen almost collapsed on Queen Shea Night, Princess Rowan was not in her room, and at 2 years old, she was not known to wonder at this hour of night.

Shea burst into the council meeting without thought and threw herself in her husband’s arms. Unable to speak she couldn’t tell him what had happened, her whole body shook with fear. Mayleen entered after her and informed the king of his missing daughter. The entire castle was looking for her but if her mother couldn’t locate her then she was gone.
Still holding his wife in his arms Alexion turned to face Zylon “Have you done this? Did you think to hold my daughter ransom so that I would sanction your intake? Have you lost your mind?”
“How could you think that of me? Alexion, I have come to you for aid, do you think me crazy enough to do such a thing? Holding your daughter from you would not grant me your favour, even I know this much. Someone else is behind this atrocity and likely it is the same person whom infected my blood, don't you think?” Zylon said pacing, agitated steps carrying him from A to b and back again. If only pacing would grant answers, he’d be a genius by now.
Alexion levelled a glare so frightening, Zylon stopped pacing, torture and death had nothing on Alexion in this mood. “You are the only one desperate in this room who would benefit from such an act of war. You have 5 seconds to tell me where she is, or I swear to the gods, I will tear you limb from limb and then go after you family, your entire people will pay for your mistake, I swear it!”
Not knowing anything about the missing Rowena, Zylon could do no such thing, “Alexion, we have known each other our whole lives, how could you possibly think I would do this to you, desperate. Your reputation precedes you and it is why you are our leader and head council member, we trust your judgment and your wrath. This is not my doing, I swear it!”
“Guards, take him!” Alexion bellowed.
Knowing this was futile, that Alexion was not in his right mind; Zylon dropped the starr to get him home. Alexion would cool down and he would try again to talk to his friend, meanwhile he needed to find Rowena to clear his name and find out who would go against the great Alexion, not even he was that brave or stupid.
“Ameera!” Zylon called to his wife as soon as he materialized in his room.
                “How did it go my love?” Ameera appeared behind him, he brought her into his arms and held her tight.
                “We are in grave danger my love, Rowena is missing and Alexion thinks I have taken her!”
Ameera trembled as her husband described what was happening. Alexion wouldn’t leave a single person standing if he thought they had taken his beloved daughter. A daughter they had finally conceived after several failed pregnancies and years of pain.
“What are we to do Zy?” Zylon stroked his wife’s hair and breather in her soft scent, she was the most beautiful thing in this world, so gentile and kind, he could not lose her.
                “You must take Xavier and go to the human world until I can sort this out. I must find Rowena and return her.” Zylon hated to send her away, especially to the human where she would be defenceless against the outlaws but it was safer than being here.
“Xavier is not here Zy; I thought you had taken him to the council meeting after all!” Zylon’s heart stopped beating.
At that moment his guard entered badly beaten and bloody.
“Majesty they have Xavier” He stumbled and fell to his knees showing the extent of his injuries across his back, there wasn’t any skin left on it, his left hand was crushed, his face had no discernable shape and  his front was skewers with hundreds of wooden splinters. His guard and loyal friend would not make it. Zylon bent down to hear what his guard was saying through the gurgling,
                “You are to turn yourself over to Alexion or Xavier will stand in your stead” The guard drew his last breath. “I have failed you majesty, forgiv...” And fell to the floor.
Ameera held her hand over her mouth to keep from screaming and sat heavily in her chair. Zylon drew his hand threw his hair and went to his wife side, kneeling at her feet he picked up her hand and rested it to his cheek.
“You’re going aren’t you? I will lose you both in the same night.” Ameera’s voice was soft and quiet. Zylon pulled her off the chair and held her in his lap.
“You will not lose us my love, Xavier is only a child. Alexion will not hurt him, as angry as he is, he will not harm a child, but we cannot leave our son there, he will be frightened. Alexion will see sense, I am sure of it, there is no way he can think I had anything to do with this, and once he calms down he will see that.”
“Do you promise me? I couldn’t bear to live without you,” Ameera softly cried into his shoulder. 
“I will send Xavier back to you and then you must hide in the human realm until I come for you. I will have the guards search for Rowena and when she is returned everything will be fine.”

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